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What are your SMS rates?

We offer rates from 25/= to 40/= per SMS according to volumes you are willing to purchase. Please check our price list.

Are there any other costs involved to send SMS?
There are no setup fees or monthly fees or any other additional fees. We operate on a prepay basis. The credits that you buy will not expire until you use them, so if you buy them now and only use them 6 months down the line, that is no problem. They will always be on your account at your disposal.
Do you offer other discounts?

Yes, bulk purchases will get a discount

My Account

Where do I find my account Id?
After signing in look on your right just below the navigation links, account number /Id is displayed there beginning with KS.

Buying Credits

How do I buy credits?

We offer various ways of buying credits, You can send your money via

  1. MTN mobile money 0788681181
  2. Pay Goods and Service (code: KAYE)
  3. Airtel money 0759432440
  4. Barclays account 0341138477
  5. Paypal account:

Make sure you include your account number as the reason i.e KS4, then we shall load your account with credits.

Please refer to our payment page for more details

What are the mobile money account names for Uganda MTN, AIRTEL numbers?
Do I have to call you when I send money?

Yes, KayeSMS hasn’t automated it’s topup/crediting functionality yet, also MTN and Airtel Mobile money systems most of the times do not deliver transaction messages. So for fast top up of your account call us as soon as you’ve sent the money or contact us via the Chat on our website.

How long does it take to credit my account?

As soon as you send the money, let us know and it will take us at most 5 minutes to credit your account.

How do I know that my account is topped up?

If you have access to the mobile number you used while creating an account, you will always receive a confirmation message after your account has been topped up. You will also get an email sent to your email address confirming credits have been added to your account.

Do I get receipts?

Yes we do provide receipts both hard copies and soft copies . For hard copies you can pick them from our customer care point in Kampala at Arua park TransNile link building and for soft copies these can be emailed to you.

Do my credits expire?
Credits do not expire, as long as you can access your account you will be able to use your credits at anytime.

Sending messages

Can I send 1000+ simultaneous messages?
Yes, our system can handle over and above that amount of messages per day at a time. The limit is quite high. KayeSMS offers the same easy to use service whether you are an individual or bulk sender.
Do you provide status reports for the undelivered messages?
All sent messages will have a status report whether successfully delivered or not.
How long does it take to deliver messages?
Typically messages are delivered within 10 seconds but usually even faster. The best thing is to test it for yourself.
How do I create message?

To create a message, first log into your account, hover over messages link on the left hand side, click on Create Message then type your message in Message textbox.

How many characters is an SMS message?
An SMS message is 160 characters in length, and you will be deducted 1 credit per message.
How do I know that the composed message comprises of more than 1 SMS?

Monitor the message counter as you type your message or when you done it's below the message box, it lets you know how many characters and the number of messages you’ve typed out.

How do I send personalized message?

To send personalised messages, download Sample file from personalised list section. Follow that format and enter your contacts into excel. Put phone numbers in first column, name in custom text1 column then save the file. Under personalised list click on Choose file, select it from your local computer and click upload file.

Type senderId and Message in their respective textboxes. Click Send button for message to be sent.

How to separate multiple numbers?

Multiple numbers can be separated by a new line or commas. Paste in the numbers in the recipients box and select the number separator option below.

How do I upload my contacts?

To upload your contacts click on contact manager, then select contacts, which loads a page where you can click New Contact that prompts you to enter details for the contact and then click save.

How can I use personalised sender id?

Type a name of an organisation or any name you feel like to use in the senderId text box just above the message box, this will work for all other networks other than MTN Uganda and Airtel Uganda.

We do provide a generic senderId to MTN and Airtel uganda networks “iSMS” but if you need a personalised senderId for these networks you need to contact us first and let us know which senderId you wish to use,we register it for free but you will incur a monthly subscription fee of UGX.250,000

How do I add country code prefix on my number without typing them?

After you have logged into your account, on this link . Type country prefix in Country Prefix text box, then enter your contacts in List A text box, click Run button and your contacts will then be displayed in List B with prefix.

How do I send bulk messages?
Enter your contacts in recipient box, enter SenderID then type out Message in the message textbox then click on send button.
Can I send messages in any country in the world using kayesms?
Yes, you can send messages worldwide using KayeSMS, 24hrs/7days.